Why should kids play near their own age group, what are the danger of a 3 yr outdated playin next to a 12 yr mature.?

better hope that big kid is not sucking ur kid off
he shouldnt be playing near kids that old for that reson. my brother was that way, my nephew is elder than him not by much but is more mature well ok not mature but know way more than he should at a young age and it rubbed off on my little brother. i would definatly vote something to who has him and is allowing him to play with the 12 year old or i would confer to the 12 year olds parents and tell them you would appriciate their son not play or be around your son for the age difference reason.
tell him that's wrong, and he shouldn't act like the 12 yr outdated.

seriously, that 12 yr old needs a life...
"what are the dangers of a 3 yr infirm playin with a 12 yr old.?"

" I recently found out that a 12 yr feeble had been playing with my kid repeatedly,My kid began immitating adults kissing.I ask where he got this from and he name the 12 yr old boy that lives 3 doors down from him"

You just answered your own question
dangers are that what 12yr infirm boys do is different to what 3yr olds do basically.

you can have a word with this 12yr weak boy and ask him not to do things like that as it rubs off on younger kids. if he acts up homily to his mother and explain how you are uncomfertable with the situation . hope this helps x
I don't necessarily reflect on they have to play with kids their own age. But you should not let him out at hand unsupervised. the kids are 12 they are doing things 12 yr olds do. kiss experiment.
What can you do? Play with your kid, don't send him down the block to play.
Either consult with the 12 year old and his parents to let him/them know that type of behavior will not be tolerated and dispense him the condition that if it happens again then the 3 yr. old will no longer be allowed to play near him. Or if you are uncomfortable doing this then sever ties now. Definately supervise the play time though
This 12 year old is a very disturbed child you should have your kid play near kids his own age
A 3 yr old should not be playing with a 12 yr old masculine that is showing these kinds of behaviors. Talk to the mother about it and bring up to date her what the 3 yr old is learning. I fear he's at a giant risk of being molested by this 12 yr old. If she keeps letting your son play near him, I'd contact your lawyer.

There are 12 yr old boys that are wonderful with small children, but it doesn't nouns like this boy is. Source(s): I have a 12 yr old boy.
12 yr olds are to ruff to be playing near a 3 yr old
Not to be completely negative. But 12 year out-of-date kids are curious. They may molest your child thinking that they don't know what's going on. Kids playing with others their own age is for that reason. Kids their age like playing one and the same things.
12 year olds are physically stronger and know so much more. Whether or not it's good or undamaging for a 3 year old and a 12 year old to play together really depends on the kids. I personally be a well behaved 12 year old. I other tried to be a good influence when I played with younger kids. In fact, I be babysitting at that age. The kids I watched were a few months, 3 years, 4 years, and 6 years old. I other found "cool" things for us to do that were age appropriate.

But a 12 year old who doesn't have as much adjectives sense or simply doesn't care may let their curiosity get the best of them. ... I remember a pubescent picking me up by my pigtails when I was little! Another, trying to be my "hero" in a game of covering and seek put me in some places you really shouldn't encourage a kid to dance. I could have gotten hurt if I tried to get in and out of them on my own. And there's the demonstrable of teaching about kissing and other adultish behavior. They may also underestimate how strong or sneaky a little kid is and the kid would appendage up getting hurt.

I think the best thing you can do is talk to the custodial parent. Let her know that your son have been imitating adult kissing and say he learned it from the 12 year old. - You are free to express your concern, but let the custodial parent bar it unless you see signs that someone is actually hurting your son. I have seen 3 year olds impersonate adult kissing because they saw something on tv. I have seen little kids impersonate smoking because just 1 time they saw a cousin, aunt, or uncle do it when they were supposed to be napping. So just because your son name the 12 yr old doesn't mean the 12 yr old be purposely teaching. The 12 yr old may not have even agreed he was being watched at the time.

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